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What makes the new 4th Generation iPod Touch the coolest new gadget for 2010? Everything! Find an iPod Touch at half the retail price!! Find great deals... and start saving now!!

Read our 4th Generation iPod Touch Review below << Great Info!

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4th Generation iPod Touch Review:

What makes the new 4th Generation iPod Touch the coolest new gadget for 2010? Everything!

Let's start with FaceTime. It's a video calling feature that not only let's you speak to someone through your 4th Generation iPod Touch but it also shares a live streaming images of yourself instantly.

Instant messaging has also been introduced to a whole new level.... share images of yourself along side your text messages. This allows the person viewing your text message to see your expressions , without others listening in on your conversations.

The 4th Generation iPod Touch comes with two built in cameras. There's one in the front and one in the back. The camera in the front is used for video calling and has been optimized at a focal length of about two feet to give your viewer the best resolution of you possible. The camera on the back of your new 4th Generation iPod Touch allows you to see more and share more. Point your 4th Generation iPod Touch and share with your friends and family special events when they can't actually be there with you. Or show your mom that you're actually at your friends home like you said you would be!

That's not all folks! Apple also included a HD video recording and editing system. Don't even think about carrying around that bulky old video camera that only shoots in digital quality. Apple's 720p video camera will blow you away even in low light settings thanks to the video camera's backside illumination sensor. Then spice up your movies a bit , directly on you iPod using the new iMovie app from the iTunes app store. The 4th Generation iPod Touch is truly a device that does it all!!

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